API and Kadan Consul­tants Announce Part­nership to Distri­bute API Trackers and Service to West Coast

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API and Kadan Consul­tants have announced their part­nership to make API’s Radian Laser Tracker series ready for distri­bu­tion and metro­logy services to expand coverage to under­served west coast industries.

As the aero­space and space explo­ra­tion indus­tries have grown, manu­fac­tu­ring on the west coast, parti­cu­larly in Los Angeles, has exploded. Yet, the ever-incre­a­sing demand for precision engi­nee­ring products and services has not been met with enough local options.

API and Kadan offer a combined five decades of dedi­cated expe­ri­ence in portable laser tracker metro­logy. Their service tech­ni­cians have exper­tise in indus­tries from Aero­space and Defense to Ship­buil­ding and are know­led­ge­able in every step of the process from running laser trackers and machines to programming, setup and opera­tions. This part­nership unites API’s state-of-the-art Radian Tracker line and Kadan’s history of solu­tion-based metro­logy services to bring hands-on customer service to these under­served industries.

After nearly two decades of using Faro and Leica trackers, Kadan is making the switch to API.

“You see what the other metro­logy compa­nies have been doing recently with their old laser trackers; they’ve obso­leted them,” said Kody Sjoberg, M.E. & Lead Consul­tant for Kadan Consul­tants. “And then, look at API. They’re constantly inno­vating and putting out new products, but ever­ything out there is still service­able, and they do whatever the customer needs to keep the products moving. That’s important to us.”

“Other metro­logy compa­nies have become so conglo­me­rated, they’re trying to offer ever­ything under the sun; whereas API is a focused company,” said Eric Nemitz, Director of North American Sales for API. “That’s where Kadan fits right in with us. They’re very dedi­cated, under­stand solu­tion-based sales, and have a very long history of posi­tive customer service.”

Kadan has already purchased and inte­grated API’s Radian Laser Trackers for service and engi­nee­ring work. They are avail­able for demons­tra­tion and distri­bu­tion from Kadan and API upon request.

About Kadan

Kadan Consul­tants Inc. is Mino­rity Women Owned Small Busi­ness of 18 years in the greater Southern Cali­fornia area, that specia­lizes in Precision Manu­fac­tu­ring and Metro­logy. KCI’s founder, Gary Sjoberg, was one of the original early adop­ters of the Laser Tracker’s intro­duc­tion into Precision Aero­space Mecca that is Los Angeles.

KCI prima­rily services the Aero­space industry, but over the years has expanded into every industry one can imagine: Mills, Auto­mo­tive, Enter­tain­ment, Petro­leum, Power, Testing, Rails, Marine, Hyper­loops, Lumber, Trans­por­ta­tion and even Fine Arts. For a complete list of manu­fac­tu­ring, measu­re­ment & engi­nee­ring services avail­able, please visit kadaninc.net.

About API

For more than 30 years API has pioneered laser-based equip­ment for measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA’s National Insti­tute of Stan­dards and Tech­no­logy (NIST) to allow indus­trial robot accu­ra­cies to be determined. 

Today API is a global company with its laser trackers, machine tool and robot cali­bra­tion equip­ment, optical sensors and coor­di­nate measu­ring products conti­nuing to be the bench­mark for metro­logy Auto­ma­tion, Precision and Inno­va­tion. API measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion products are at the heart of manu­fac­tu­ring orga­niz­a­tions world-wide ensu­ring product quality and performance.

API also provides on-site dimen­sional inspec­tion, metro­logy and cali­bra­tion services. Head­quar­tered in Rock­ville, Mary­land USA, API has subsi­diary opera­tions in Germany, France, Brazil, China and India. For more infor­ma­tion, please visit www.apimetrology.com.