API Laun­ches Latest Radian Laser Tracker Range

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API has announced the launch of its latest Radian™ line of laser trackers. The updated series of Radian trackers offer the ligh­test, most compact, and highest accu­racy trackers in the industry. The line includes three models: Radian Core, Radian Plus and Radian Pro.

The Radian Core is a sphe­ri­cally mounted retro­re­flector (SMR) tracker only, with a measu­ring range of 50 and 80 meters. Radian Plus is supplied stan­dard with the API vProbe, a hand-held light-weight tactile probe that extends the laser tracker coor­di­nate measu­ring capa­bi­li­ties, permit­ting intri­cate features and part charac­te­ris­tics outside the line-of-site tracker set-up. The vProbe has more versa­ti­lity than a portable arm CMM, and is inher­ently suitable for large parts and styli lengths up to 500 mm. The Radian Pro offers both abso­lute distance measu­re­ment (ADM) and infe­ro­meter (IFM) capa­bi­lity, is avail­able with 20, 50 and 80-meter range options, and features 6‑degrees of freedom (6DoF).

All of API’s laser trackers feature the compact and rigid UNIBODY design that uses shaft-mounted motors, encoders and laser. The inno­va­tive UNIBODY shaft-mounted laser mini­mizes ABBE offset errors, while housing the laser source, optics, camera and major head elec­tro­nics in the center of the tracker body. This body design main­tains constant heat equi­li­brium throughout its opera­tion, resul­ting in shorter warm-up times and supe­rior measu­re­ment stability.

Stan­dard iVision™ auto­lock func­tio­n­a­lity allows rapid recap­ture of a lost laser beam and provides effort­less usabi­lity for diffi­cult to access and inter­rupted line-of-sight measu­re­ments. Hot swapp­able batte­ries provide 10 hours of opera­tion for remote applications.

Uniquely, all RADIAN trackers house an inte­gral battery offe­ring 4 hours of battery opera­tion, with auto­matic rech­arge when tracker is connected to main powers supply. An external power pack can add a further 4 hours remote opera­tion and can also be used for Tablet and Smart Phone char­ging in the event of device battery failure.

Inte­grated with the Radian Pro model, the inno­va­tive API iScan™ hand­held blue laser line scanner offers a fast, accu­rate, and more produc­tive solu­tion to gene­rate compo­nent point clouds. Digi­ti­zing rates of up to 200,000 points/second and capable of scan­ning both reflec­tive and dark surfaces, iScan features 360° yaw and roll to achieve infi­nite sensor posi­tio­ning. Simple one-button opera­tion provides effort­less scan­ning func­tio­n­a­lity and offers tactile probing provi­ding even greater tracker measu­ring flexibility.

RADIAN Pro trackers can be provided with cali­bra­tion tools to perform dynamic cali­bra­tion and dynamic tracking of indus­trial robots and machine tools, deli­vering enhanced perfor­mance of manu­fac­tu­ring processes by redu­cing process variation.

Manu­fac­tured in the USA, all RADIAN laser trackers are supplied with the industry’s most compre­hen­sive 24-month parts and labor warranty. API provides inclu­sive tracker cali­bra­tion and main­ten­ance contracts that can also include loaner tracker program and advance cali­bra­tion reser­va­tion program.

API has pioneered laser-based equip­ment for measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion for more than 30 years. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA’s National Insti­tute of Stan­dards and Tech­no­logy (NIST) to allow indus­trial robot accu­ra­cies to be determined.

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