API Re-brands To Focus On Smart Factory Metrology

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Auto­mated Precision, Inc. has announced a global rebran­ding. The company name has been changed to API in reco­gni­tion of its name abbre­via­tion being univer­sally adopted by its global customer base and industry peers, and follows many big name compa­nies who have simi­larly abbreviated.

API New Logo

For more than 30 years API has pioneered laser-based equip­ment for measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the Laser Tracker while working at the National Insti­tute of Stan­dards and Tech­no­logy (NIST). This deve­lo­p­ment, for the first time, allowed indus­trial robot accu­ra­cies to be determined.

Dr. Lau explains, “Today API is a global company with its Laser Trackers conti­nuing to be the bench­mark for metro­logy auto­ma­tion, precision and inno­va­tion. API measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion products are at the heart of manu­fac­tu­ring orga­niz­a­tions world-wide ensu­ring product quality and perfor­mance. With the advent of smart facto­ries API is more focused than ever on provi­ding tools for the enhanced perfor­mance of manu­fac­tu­ring processes by redu­cing process variation.”

The rebranded API, with new updated corpo­rate iden­tity, has also added a new product philo­sophy tagline “Nothing Beyond Measure”, in reco­gni­tion of API being a metro­logy inno­vator, span­ning tech­no­lo­gical bounda­ries by harn­essing scien­tific inno­va­tions, and to ulti­mately focus on deli­vering smart manu­fac­tu­ring measu­ring solutions.

API has recently laun­ched a series of new product inno­va­tions inclu­ding the CheckBox™ Smart Factory Inspec­tion System (SFIS). CheckBox is an optical 3D measu­ring solu­tion, deve­loped for the inspec­tion of produc­tion parts inte­grated directly into manu­fac­tu­ring opera­tions. Real time enhanced robot accu­racy from API’s 6DoF RADIAN Pro Laser Tracker elimi­nates any requi­re­ment for proble­matic stickers typi­cally used by photo­gram­metric robotic measu­ring systems, while provi­ding compa­rable hori­zontal-arm CMM accuracy.

In addi­tion, and part of API’s global rebran­ding program, an updated series of RADIAN Laser Trackers offe­ring the ligh­test, most compact and highest accu­racy trackers has been laun­ched. API’s compact and rigid UNIBODY tracker design incor­po­rates shaft mounted motors, encoders and laser. The UNIBODY provides the cente­ring of all heat sources, allowing rapid distri­bu­tion of heat throughout the tracker body during warm-up, or drastic ambient tempe­ra­ture varia­tions, ensu­ring the tracker body main­tains constant heat equi­li­brium throughout its opera­tion, resul­ting in shorter warm-up time and supe­rior measu­re­ment stability.

An all-new metro­logy services web-site has been laun­ched services.apimetrology.com, for its accredited measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion services operation.