API vProbe Provides Laser Tracker CMM Measu­re­ment Capability

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API has intro­duced its 6DoF vProbe, a hand-held tactile probing system, for use with its portable RADIAN Pro and Plus Laser Tracker range, exten­ding their dimen­sional measu­re­ments capa­bi­li­ties to perform part inspec­tions conven­tio­nally performed by large fixed coor­di­nate measu­ring machines (CMM).

The wire­lessly-operated API vProbe allows measu­re­ment of intri­cate part features, inclu­ding those outside the tracker’s line-of-site, provi­ding fast and accu­rate manual part inspec­tions. The vProbe, combined with a laser tracker, can provide more measu­re­ment versa­ti­lity than a portable arm CMM while being signi­fi­cantly more accu­rate and more suitable for larger parts. The porta­bi­lity of the API RADIAN Plus laser tracker with vProbe combi­na­tion allows measu­re­ments to be made directly on the produc­tion floor and, in many cases, when a large part is still in situ on large machine tools. 

API vProbe

The light­weight, fully-inte­grated vProbe, with easy-hold grip, turns a laser tracker into a truly portable CMM with its inte­grated, repeat­able, quick-change ruby styli, while offe­ring tactile scan­ning with instant part align­ment corre­la­tion feed­back. vProbe makes measu­re­ments quick and easy whether inside, behind or under­neath a large part. 

vProbe features an easy-hold grip, 6 hour battery life, LED indi­cator and dual styli mount with toggle switch which can carry stylus exten­sions of up-to 500mm, provi­ding measu­ring access to deep part features and further incre­a­sing laser tracker produc­tion-floor measu­ring capability.

The combo package is ideally suited to a wide-range of large volume metro­logy appli­ca­tions found across the full depth of manu­fac­tu­ring indus­tries inclu­ding aero­space, ship­buil­ding, heavy machinery, mili­tary and defense.

About API 

For more than 30 years API has pioneered laser-based equip­ment for measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion. API founder and CEO, Dr. Kam Lau, invented the laser tracker while working at USA’s National Insti­tute of Stan­dards and Tech­no­logy (NIST) to allow indus­trial robot accu­ra­cies to be determined. 

Today API is a global company with its laser trackers, machine tool and robot cali­bra­tion equip­ment, optical sensors and coor­di­nate measu­ring products conti­nuing to be the bench­mark for metro­logy Auto­ma­tion, Precision and Inno­va­tion. API measu­re­ment and cali­bra­tion products are at the heart of manu­fac­tu­ring orga­niz­a­tions world-wide ensu­ring product quality and performance.

API also provides on-site dimen­sional inspec­tion, metro­logy and cali­bra­tion services. Head­quar­tered in Rock­ville, Mary­land USA, API has subsi­diary opera­tions in Germany, France, Brazil, China and India. For more infor­ma­tion, please visit www.apimetrology.com.