API’s Machine Tool Cali­bra­tion Saves Time and Money, Star­ting from Installation

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API’s Machine Tool Cali­bra­tion Processes Reduce Instal­la­tion and Launch Errors

A majo­rity of machine tools are out of speci­fi­ca­tion and exhibit errors in their processes from the time of instal­la­tion. API’s Machine Tool Cali­bra­tion (MTC) line offers a variety of ways to reduce these errors. These products and proce­dures result in dramatic impro­ve­ments in the machi­ning process.

  • VCS (3 axis veri­fi­ca­tion) 3–5 Times Volu­metric Improvement
  • VEC (5 axis veri­fi­ca­tion) 4–5 Times Volu­metric Improvement

A Hewlett-Packard Company study in The Inter­na­tional Journal of Advanced Manu­fac­tu­ring Tech­no­logy reve­aled that 88% of 57 machines were out of speci­fi­ca­tion upon instal­la­tion. That is 50 out of 57 machines. There are many reasons why machines can fall out of speci­fi­ca­tion, even at instal­la­tion, ranging from uneven foun­da­tion, moun­ting and align­ment, and tempe­ra­ture condi­tions on the shop floor.

Each axis of a machine tool has six possible errors (X, Y, and Z strai­ght­ness and posi­tio­ning errors as well as pitch, roll, and yaw), and the machine tool itself has poten­tial for three addi­tional squa­reness errors. Correct­ness of a Machine is one of the most important prere­qui­sites to ensure product quality. Each error leads to lost revenue in wasted mate­rials and down­time as machines are corrected, and these errors often get worse over time.

Fortu­n­a­tely, these errors can often be corrected with a simple cali­bra­tion. And the API XD Laser is the only metro­logy laser capable of measu­ring all 6 degrees of freedom in one measu­re­ment redu­cing the measu­ring time as much as 5:1.

The XD Laser leads API’s state-of-the-art MTC product line, which also includes the Wire­less Ballbar, Swivel Check, and Spindle Check. And API part­nered with Siemens, Fanuc, OSAI and Fagor to create new, improved Stan­dard and Volu­metric compen­sa­tion processes.

The Stan­dard compen­sa­tion processes can correct for linear errors both unidi­rec­tio­n­ally and bidi­rec­tio­n­ally and the align­ment of ways. The Volu­metric processes include a 3 Axis compen­sa­tion, which can correct for twenty-one errors; a 5 Axis compen­sa­tion, which corrects for twenty-one errors and tool vector; and VEC which utilizes API’s Radian Laser Tracker series and the Active Target to correct for all forty-three possible errors from a 5‑axis machine tool.

As mentioned above, the XD Laser is the only metro­logy laser capable of measu­ring 6DoF in a single setup, and its stan­dard compen­sa­tion can result in eight- to tenfold linear impro­ve­ments in a single day of scan­ning. Even the VEC 5 Axis Veri­fi­ca­tion can be performed in a single day and shows four- to fivefold volu­metric improvement.

Addi­tio­nally, API’s MTC Products and Services are fully accredited. API is ANSI/ASME B5.54, ISO 230–2, and ISO 230–6 Certi­fied in North America, and has attained VDI 2617, the Euro­pean equi­va­lent of ISO 230 Standard.

All machine tools, even ones that have just been installed, need to be cali­brated and compen­sated for poten­tial errors. API has the MTC Products and Services to deliver better results and reduce machine downtime.

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