Employee Profile: Grégory Levo

Elisabeth DenkEmployee Profile

Name: Grégory Levo                    Posi­tion:  Appli­ca­tion Engi­neer Engi­neer        Jahre in der Firma: 7 Jahre 1) Wie war Ihre Kind­heit? Ich bin in Südfrank­reich aufge­wachsen; mein … Read More

Jens Pursche

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Jens Pursche API Sales Manager

Name: Jens Pursche Stel­lung: Sales Manager Germany Jahre in der Firma: 2 1) Wie war Ihre Kind­heit? Ich bin 1971 geboren und mit meinen Eltern und meinen Geschwis­tern in Bremen im Norden von Deutsch­land aufge­wachsen. … Read More

Jan-Hendrik Lott, EMEA

API MarketingEmployee Profile

Name:     Jan-Hendrik Lott         Posi­tion:  General Manager EMEA           Years with the company: 11.5 1) What was your child­hood like? I was born in 1981, and I grew up with my parents and my older sister in my … Read More

Employee Profile: Eric Nemitz

API MarketingEmployee Profile

Name: Eric Nemitz             Posi­tion: Director, Busi­ness Deve­lo­p­ment          Years with the company: 3  1) What was your child­hood like? Typical Midwestern family, Mom and Dad, older brother. Grew up in the 70s without helmets, video games or … Read More

Alejandro Rest­repo

API MarketingEmployee Profile

1) Tell me your name and your posi­tion at API. Alejandro Rest­repo, South West Regional Sales Manager  2) What was your child­hood like? I was born and grew up here in Southern Cali­fornia in the mid-90s. I also … Read More