Jan-Hendrik Lott, EMEA

API MarketingEmployee Profile

Name:     Jan-Hendrik Lott         Posi­tion:  General Manager EMEA           Years with the company: 11.5

1) What was your child­hood like?

I was born in 1981, and I grew up with my parents and my older sister in my home city of Karls­ruhe in southwest Germany. 

2) Who was a hero to you growing up? Why?

I did not have a specific hero, but there were a couple of people that inspired me for my personal deve­lo­p­ment. Mainly my parents, who gave me solid atti­tudes towards people, tech­nical know­ledge, and also finance which still helps me in my daily life.

3) What are your hobbies?

In the winter, I like to go skiing and snow­boar­ding, and in the summer­time, I prefer moun­tain biking, trek­king and running. 

4) How did you end up in metro­logy? Did you go to school for it?

I studied geodesy (survey engi­nee­ring) and did my master’s thesis about the inte­gra­tion of a laser tracker into a 3D mode­ling soft­ware. I was excited by the tech­no­logy and wanted to work in this industry. 

5) How did you come to be at API?

After my master’s thesis, I wanted to continue to work with laser trackers and found API to be the best option for me. 

6) What are your roles and respon­si­bi­li­ties with API?

As the general Manager in Europe, I’m respon­sible for the overall busi­ness stra­te­gies and deve­lo­p­ment for API in Europe. 

7) What sets API apart from other metro­logy compa­nies in your mind?

API is a premium tech­no­logy company with a focus on customer needs. We have short commu­ni­ca­tion times within our depart­ments and are focused on metro­logy solutions. 

8) What API Product or Service are you most excited to tell people about?

I like our inte­grated solu­tions, like SFIS and RMS, based on our laser tracker technology.

9) What about API’s future excites you?

API has a great future stra­tegy globally and many inte­res­ting new product ideas; I’m excited to be part of the busi­ness plan. 

10) What does “Nothing Beyond Measure” mean to you?

“Nothing beyond measure” means API thinks about solu­tions, not only products. A good measu­re­ment solu­tion consists of good hard­ware and soft­ware but also support from the service team. This can be just appli­ca­tion-based trai­ning or custo­mized soft­ware or even a complete inte­grated solu­tion, like SFIS.