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API Modular Construction

API's experience in shipbuilding using modular construction

API’s exten­sive expe­ri­ence in ship­buil­ding using modular construc­tion was a key factor to applying their services to modular high-rise construction.

API brings in measu­re­ment experts from a variety of indus­tries, but one of the most common is the modular ship­buil­ding industry.


The expe­ri­ence from buil­ding wars­hips utili­zing modular construc­tion can be found in Appli­ca­tion Engi­neers at Head­quar­ters, Service Engi­neers suppor­ting the field, sales repre­sen­ta­tives, and even the Execu­tive team. The know­ledge gained from direct invol­ve­ment in these projects has allowed API to apply exper­tise exten­ding from the rural moun­tains of Virginia to The City That Never Sleeps in a single project.


The story of this case study began unex­pec­tedly in early 2013 during an appoint­ment outside of Lynch­burg, VA. The meeting would have been all but fruit­less if it weren’t for a last-minute comment made on the way out of the door. The poten­tial customer mentioned that an acquain­tance in the area might be inte­rested in what API could offer. Rather than heading out of town as planned, an impromptu meeting was orga­nized a few miles away that set the stage for a long-term rela­ti­onship. This part­nership would utilize API laser trackers and our expe­ri­enced service group on the first modular high-rise construc­tion in New York. This agree­ment created a great part­nership as API’s expe­ri­ence with modular ship­buil­ding could be applied to the modular construc­tion project.


Laser Trackers & Service Team

API Radian Laser Tracker

API Radian Laser Tracker

The customer was behind sche­dule many months and falling further behind each week. They were lost on how to regain ground while still provi­ding their client with an accu­rate product. API assi­gned a Service Engi­neer equipped with a Radian laser tracker to assist with the layout and veri­fi­ca­tion processes of the project.

The Know­ledge of the API Service Team, paired with the porta­bi­lity of the Radian laser tracker, enabled the customer to learn how to execute the project themselves.


Shortly after, the customer purchased a Radian laser tracker and conti­nued the work on their own. The trai­ning and tech­no­logy allowed their team to expe­dite produc­tion to the point that their client in New York was no longer able to keep up with deli­ve­ries. Due to this success, the client in New York was eager to learn how the manu­fac­tu­ring team was able to catch up after months of missed produc­tion. API was the answer.

A meeting and demons­tra­tion was immedia­tely sche­duled with the client. Within a couple days, API dispatched a dedi­cated Service Engi­neer and Radian laser tracker to the customer’s faci­lity. As the process conti­nued to gain momentum, the API team was asked to provide assi­s­tance at the construc­tion site where t

he modules were installed on to one another. During this time, API had desi­gned and released their newest in portable laser tracker, The OmniTrac2 (OT2).

The deve­lo­p­ment of this battery-operated and wire­less tracker allowed API and the customer to work on-site without the restric­tion of being tethered to a computer or a power source. The tech­no­logy also allowed them to cover measu­re­ment volumes up to 200 meters without relo­ca­ting the OT2.

API modular construction

API laser trackers and their expe­ri­enced service group were a valu­able resource on the first modular high-rise construc­tion in New York.



Conti­nuing Support

Imple­men­ting the two models of API laser trackers (Radian and OT2) into the modular construc­tion expe­ri­ence allowed API to assist two custo­mers in coor­di­na­tion, outfit­ting, and assembly of each module amongst three loca­tions all while fitting toge­ther within thousandths of an inch. Five years later, in 2018, API is still the trusted supplier for the product and service needs of these custo­mers and their deve­lo­ping projects.

API OT2 Laser Tracker

API OT2 Laser Tracker