API, reco­gni­zing manu­fac­tu­ring industry’s incre­a­sing demand for part measu­re­ment auto­ma­tion, with a higher degree of accu­racy, has deve­loped its Smart Factory Inspec­tion System (SFIS) with true 6DoF real-time 3D robotic measu­re­ment incor­po­ra­ting its proven metro­logy tech­no­logy and cali­bra­tion components.

SFIS can be deli­vered as a custo­mized inte­grated solu­tion or as a stan­dard produc­tion inspec­tion cell. The API SFIS CheckBoxTM is an optical 3D measu­ring solu­tion deve­loped for the inspec­tion of produc­tion parts for instal­la­tion inte­gral to manu­fac­tu­ring opera­tions. Modular in design, and scalable in size, CheckBox utilizes a stan­dard 6 axis indus­trial robot with real-time encoded robot posi­tion using the bench­mark API 6DoF RADIAN Pro laser tracker. Real time enhanced robot accu­racy comple­tely elimi­nates any requi­re­ment for proble­matic stickers used by photo­gram­metric robotic measu­ring systems and provides compa­rable hori­zontal-arm CMM accuracy.


API’s RapidScanTM ultra-high dynamic range 3.2 mega-pixel stereo imaging optical sensor captures a 3D point cloud of the part within its large field of view, and is capable of measu­ring highly reflec­tive and compo­site surfaces. With sub pixel edge detec­tion, the (random + grid pattern) optical projec­tion gene­rates a highly accu­rate dense point cloud. The systems metro­logy evalua­tion soft­ware provides point cloud geometry extrac­tion and surface topo­logy crea­tion provi­ding direct compa­rison with part digital model.

Gene­rated point cloud quality makes RapidScan the ideal solu­tion for intri­cate features and stud inspec­tion in auto­mo­tive sheet-metal weldments.


The CheckBox modular enclo­sure allows system size to be confi­gured to suite each customer’s specific measu­re­ment task while provi­ding a stan­dar­dized solu­tion. Optional rotary table for part posi­tio­ning can be incor­po­rated toge­ther with auto­matic part loading as the appli­ca­tion necessitates.


API’s network of SFIS project inte­gra­tion part­ners will custo­mize the final measu­ring solu­tion utili­zing API supplied SFIS metro­logy tech­no­logy compon­ents inclu­ding measu­ring sensor, laser tracker, metro­logy soft­ware and appli­ca­tion soft­ware tool-kit.


Stan­dar­dized SFIS is the ideal auto­ma­tion solu­tion for produc­tion floor quality control, combi­ning reli­able hard­ware with robust soft­ware, to allow trend analysis moni­to­ring of produc­tion processes, perform root cause analysis, and deli­very of incre­ased produc­ti­vity and process improvements.